All shipments are made within 24 hours from the order, if the items were available, with payment via PayPal or credit card.

For orders where payment by bank transfer is required, shipping will be done only after crediting.

Shipments are entrusted to GLS or DHL express couriers for domestic shipments. International shipments are entrusted to DHL express courier.

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We communicate that the word "in Stok" does not always correspond to reality. It may happen that a certain item in stock in the order of 1 piece may still be available if it is ordered by 2 persons at the same time.

In this case the wait will be about 3 รท 5 working days (technical time of supply)

The cost for shipments is fixed and is equal to Euro 16 VAT not included for CE.

For some items, whose weight exceeds 50 KG, a shipping price is foreseen based on the actual weight.


Pay close attention to the time of delivery by the courier to the shipment. It must be intact and free of defects that could damage the goods inside it. For this reason we strongly recommend signing the reception "WITH RESERVE"